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    George (Dienstag, 11 Juni 2019 18:45)

    I attempted meditation, however I was challenged in clearing my mind and achieving peace and calming. Then I met Melanie. My first Reiki session with Melanie was the first calm moments I experienced in a very long while. I was unhappy, didn't sleep well, haunted by the past due the choices I had made in my life. I chose to have multiple Reiki sessions with truly life changing results. I was able to understand and release troubles and challenges from the past that kept me from the inner peace I was seeking. As we moved through our 10 sessions, I was transported to an inner place where I finally had the peace, calm, and contentment I hoped for. My sessions were coincident with life coaching conversations as we discussed and changed my own perspective and outlook as well as behaviors that were not serving me well to actually achieve the life I had been searching for.

    Melanie's gifts, healing works and energy, thoughtfulness, and perspective on life have turned my own life around. I am blessed for that experience. Thank you Melanie for all you have done for me.